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There’s more to you than your cigarette habit

Maybe you don’t intend to quit. Or maybe you’re thinking about it and gearing up for an attempt. Maybe you’ve come here as a former smoker, or as someone who never smoked but is worried about a relative or friend.

Quitting is a hugely important step for a smoker to take, but there’s also a lot more you can be doing for your fitness and health. and our book, A Smoker’s Guide to Health and Fitness (available in print and in Kindle format), uniquely address the total physical and mental health needs of current and former smokers.

Our book: A Smoker’s Guide to Health and Fitness

Have a look at a copy of the book’s introduction, which will give you a better sense of what it’s about.

In seven chapters we cover:

  • smoking-related illnesses and symptoms to watch out for
  • quitting advice and resources
  • medical screenings for cancer and other illnesses
  • exercise programs
  • beneficial foods
  • the usefulness (or uselessness) of certain vitamin supplements
  • stress and mental illness as they relate to smoking

Regardless of whether or not you currently smoke, or intend to quit (or not), the aim of this book is to help you be as healthy as you can and attain a better quality of life. Non-smokers will also find parts of the book beneficial for themselves and can use it to help people they know who smoke or used to smoke.

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– Tamir Katz, MD & Hila Katz, MA