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Tips for not overeating

I came across an interesting opinion piece which addresses how to avoid gaining weight on Thanksgiving (or for that matter any other holiday):

What I found unique about this article is that instead of offering low fat or low cal variations to Thanksgiving classics, the author addresses behaviors that affect overeating. This, to me, is a much more pragmatic and commonsense approach. The problem with simply trying to shave some calories off of your favorite dishes is that

1. They may not taste as good (or may even taste terrible). This may make your holiday less enjoyable.
2. You may still overeat. Even if that low fat pie has 25% fewer calories, if you eat piece after piece after piece, it probably doesn’t make a heck of a lot of difference that you substituted sugar free pie filling.

So this holiday season, be smart and be mindful of what behaviors and environmental triggers cause you to overeat. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite dishes without packing on the pounds.

– Tamir

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