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What smoking does to our lungs – in graphic detail

All of you are aware that smoking damages most of the body, especially the lungs. An experiment loaded to the Internet by Devon Arbelo graphically depicts that damage.

On one side are a set of healthy pinkish lungs from a nonsmoker. As air is introduced, the lungs expand very nicely. On the other side are the blackened lungs from a long-time smoker. First of all, the color itself is off-putting. Secondly, you can see how poorly these lungs expand compared to the lungs from the nonsmoker.

At the bottom of the article are pictures of lungs posted by Ryan Au, a Hong Kong teacher. Again, you can see the color difference between the pink lungs from the nonsmoker compared to the brownish lungs from the smoker. What’s disturbing is that the brown lungs took on this appearance after only 60 cigarettes.

So next time you light up, form a mental image of the video clip and the photos from the above article.


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